Jean B. Lamothe


Get to know the man behind the movement, his life, what he stands for, and what his plans are for membership in our fraternity!

Brother Lamothe points out that “…Brotherhood is the single most important principle of our three principles because without it, we could not function effectively and work towards the common good.”

Brother Jean B. Lamothe was born in Zaire (formally the Republic of Congo) Central Africa, where his father taught chemistry and architecture at the University for several years.

As a young child growing up in a house with four sisters and both parents, Bro. Lamothe learned valuable lessons that formed his passion for establishing long-lasting relationships.

And it is that same passion that Brother Lamothe has continuously used this offer himself for leadership in our wondrous band.

Education & Professional

Jean B. Lamothe (also known as Jet) became a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. in 1988 while attending Rutgers University.

He obtained a Bachelor’s of Art Degree, while triple majoring in Political Science, Philosophy, and African Studies.

He later pursued a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (also at Rutger’s University), and a national certification from Farleigh Dickinson University in Public Management.

Professionally, Jean is a Chief for the New Jersey Department of Labor where he has been employed for twenty-five years. In this capacity he is responsible for managing physicians, examiners, systems analysts, supervisors, and support specialists who work towards the adjudication of permanent disability claims.

Through this position, Jean is able to successfully bring staff together to achieve the agency’s goals, missions and objectives.

Jet’s attributes his success in live to his faith and upbringing, his education and his experience, and it is because of these that his outcomes while in Sigma have netted positive outcomes.

Phi Beta Sigma Experience

Jet was #5 in a line of ten, and served as the line vice-president. He was inducted into Mu Zeta Chapter (at Rutger’s University), who had 40 members on campus at the time of his initiation.

Since his induction into Sigma on April 22, 1988, to the present, Jean has remained committed active and passionate about his beloved fraternal organization. Becoming a member of Sigma during his second semester Freshman year allowed him to serve in multiple positions and capacities.

His undergraduate experience allowed him to successfully serve in the positions: Chapter Education Director, Vice President, and president. During his time at Rutger’s, Mu Zeta, was a leading and proactive chapter on campus and within New Jersey in Sigma. ?While in college, Jean consistently talked about if Sigma Men applied the 12 inch rule, to their daily lives, they would excel in the classroom and be able to overcome any challenge.

After college, Jean joined Chi Sigma (located in New Jersey) and learned the ways of how to effectively manage a graduate chapter. Jean was blessed to have great mentors and seasoned brothers to teach him how to be an engaging and active alumni member within his community. It was awesome to have veteran brothers who helped guide him professionally, academically, and personally.

After relocating to Central Jersey, jean became a charter member of Lambda Lambda Sigma (which is the Phi Beta Sigma Alumni chapter that serves Mercer County and the Greater Trenton Area). Within Lambda Lambda Sigma Chapter, Jean has served in the positions of: Education Director, BBB Director, and President. He has also continuously served in the role of collegiate advisor to Rider University, The College of New Jersey, and Rutgers University.

Within Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Jean has an extensive background and experience in servant leadership. jean has held positions at every level in Sigma (local, state, regional, and international). More importantly, while serving in those positions, he and teams have been able to produce measurable positive results. Collegiate membership and training/learning labs for chapters across the country.

In his current position of International Director of Education, Jean is proud to have been able to increase and administer more scholarship resources and opportunities for our membership (collegiate and alumni), author our Adopt-A-School initiative, that has Sigma establishing official partnerships across the country, Implementing a “Sigma Read-In” initiative in Nassau, Bahamas, and being part of the team that planned, coordinated, and implemented the opening of the Phi Beta Sigma Vocational Technical Training School in Ghana, West Africa.

Additionally, serving on the International General Board has allowed Jean to lead and provide support when Sigma calls.

Jean Has:

        • worked with local chapters in California providing support for high school age students in Compton,
        • provided support to our collegiate and alumni Hawaii chapters by delivering the keynote address at their scholarship events,
        • Represented with our New York brothers in speaking out against the injustice of Eric Garner.
        • Worked with our St. Louise chapter planning and coordinating our sigma Youth Summit in response to the Killing of Michael Brown
        • Worked with our Little Rock and Central Arkansas Chapters in coordinating our Little Rock Nine rally and My Brother’s Keeper forum at Conclave.
        • Worked with Orlando Chapter, Sigma Leadership Academy, and collegiate leadership to provide First Class experiences for our sigma Summit.

These are just a few examples that demonstrate Jet’s Officer level engagement, commitment, and dedication to working with collaborative teams to ensure Phi Beta Sigma is seen, heard, and felt when our communities need us.

This officer stands ready to continue leading when our organization and communities are faced with challenges. Jet stands ready to face and address the concerns our Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Membership.

Personal Life

Jet is the second oldest of four siblings. When the family relocated to the United States, Bro. Lamothe went to Haiti and was raised by his aunts and uncles in the early years of his life.

He later moved to the United States in the mid 70’s to be rejoined with his immediate family in New Jersey.

As a young child, Jet learned many lessons from his family. One valuable lessoned learned (which he believes is also a message of Sigma) in helping those in need was put to task in the aftermath of the massive earthquake in Haiti, 2010.

Immediately following the earthquake, Brother Lamothe put his passion of helping those in need and servant leadership approach to work by coordinating a collaboration between a local church and his alumni chapter to provide support and assistance for the thousands of earthquake victims in Haiti.
Through partnership, they were able to continuously send hundreds of cases of bottled water to Haiti from January to March of 2015. Additionally, Bro. Lamothe coordinated the effort between the church and his local chapter to send personal hygiene supplies to Haiti during the months of April and May.

Despite Brother Lamothe’s professional and civic schedule and obligations, he always prioritizes and makes time to spend with his children. His first born daughter Zaairah (named after where Bro. Lamothe was born) is seventeen and excited about graduating from high school next year and preparing to begin her college experience.

His second child, Jordin is fifteen years of age who recently began his high school experience and is excelling in all areas that Bro. Lamothe attributes, in part, due to being a member of the Sigma Beta Club since he was eight years old.

Bro. Lamothe shares that his proudest moments are when Zaairah and Jordin achieve academic and personal milestones. He enjoys watching their growth and development and looks to instill the same family values that were instilled in him during his upbringing. He believes spending quality time and investing in your family always leads to success.