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Honor Our Past, Build for the Future

Detroit is Americas great comeback story, a city on the return and ready for anything. A complete package destination, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity members will experience a great location for Conclave 2017 ? A Family Reunion.
Metro Detroit covers nearly 2,000 square miles and is the second largest U.S. metropolitan area connecting the Great Lakes system to the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

The Detroit area is surging with 21st century industries and an influx of entrepreneurs, techies and creative. Inc. Magazine dubbed Detroit Startup City USA. High-tech startups and business incubators are creating a buzz, and todays young innovators and game-changers are relocating to the city to learn, work, live and play. A hub for medical research and innovations, metro Detroit is home to 67 of Michigans 175 hospitals, including the nationally ranked University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers and the award-winning Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Hospitals.

Nearly 500 companies do defense and homeland security business in metro Detroit, a center for the defense industry for 70 years. With some 86,000 skilled metro Detroiters employed in related fields and some $5 billion a year in defense contracts going to the state of Michigan, the area is poised to play a bigger role in the industry. Detroit is a musical mecca; the undisputed owner of the Motown sound and the place where techno beats first erupted. A host of world-recognized musical festivals and events take place every year, too, attracting celebrated artists from a variety of genres.