Membership Marketing: We have time-tested membership strategies, policies and tactics. Ive taken the time to study, analyze and understand our best practices that have helped our membership grow over the past few years. The key is to have a systematic approach and holding all levels of leadership and chapters accountable for improving on our numbers even further. In my opinion there is no need to reinvent our marketing tools, but rather, determine how to get our chapters and members to consistently and frequently utilize them. Our marketing tools consist of pamphlet literature, flyers, power point presentations, and miniature booklets. We even have a comprehensive document (PPP) that was developed by the collegiate leadership team to assist collegiate chapters on growing and sustaining an effective chapter. A team should be established to work on developing a similar S.O.P. ( Standard Operating Procedures) for our alumni chapters. I also believe that our collegiate leadership team should develop a short video illustrating and sharing the How Tos growing a chapter and having that forwarded to all our collegiate chapters. We could create a similar video with alumni members and chapters that have been successful in growing their chapters.