Virginia & West Virginia State Director

It is important for a leader to possess several characteristics. Necessary traits include the ability to meet objectives in a specified time frame, ability to move the organization forward, and the ability to motivate and inspire others.

Bro. Lamothe is an individual who is conscientious in attention as well as meticulous in his efforts. He has approached every educational effort in the state of VA in a dependable manner. He is always well organized, well prepared and well spoken. Bro Lamothe’s work ethics are well defined and accurate. Bro, Lamothe has a pleasant disposition, a companionate attitude, and an inquisitive mind.

Bro. Jet has demonstrated these characteristics and for this reason I fully support Bro. Jean B Lamothe for the position of International 1st Vice President.

Bro. Derrick J Jennings M.Ed, MBA, PMP
Virginia/West Virginia State Director