Jean B. Lamothe

Why I’m Running


“I have the passion, abilities, knowledge, experience, and requisite skills to make a difference in helping to grow our membership.”

I am seeking to serve in the position of International 1st Vice President because I have the passion, abilities, knowledge, experience, and requisite skills to make a difference in helping to grow our membership.

One of the emphasis’ of this platform is to work on strengthening, establishing, and in some cases, re-establishing relationships within and throughout the Brotherhood. This corroborates the platform, Brother2Brother, which emphasizes relationship building and truly prioritizes the fraternity’s ideal and principle of “Brotherhood.”

  • This platform seeks to actively bridge the gap between collegiate and alumni brothers.
  • It seeks to create opportunities for younger brothers to interact and engage with seasoned brothers.
  • This platform seeks to develop programs and activities that encourage alumni brothers to assist and mentor collegiate brothers, motivate recent college graduates to join an alumni chapter, and provide online training for all.
  • These activities will provide an oasis of unfettered generational relationships intra-chapter, intra-state, and intra-region.
  • I strongly believe that individually and collectively, we have to establish and foster an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and worthiness of every brother.
As a civil servant of the State of New Jersey and a recognized community leader, I have lead numerous initiatives and programs that have benefitted communities.
That coupled with my involvement in Sigma demonstrating servant leadership since 1988 (at all levels of Sigma, local, state regional, and international), makes me uniquely qualified to serve in the position of International 1st Vice President.

As a charter member of my alumni chapter, Lambda Lambda Sigma, we have been successful in growing our membership, enhancing a strong positive brand of Sigma, and providing quality services to the community.

I would welcome the opportunity to apply some of the successful strategies and programs that have been used on a chapter (collegiate and alumni), state and regional level to help grow our membership on an international level.

In my current role of International Director of Education, our office has:

  • Administered over $150,000 in academic scholarships to students in colleges, universities, and graduate schools.
  • Additionally, we have successfully distributed over $30,000 of books scholarships to high school students in over 100 cities throughout the country.
  • After authoring our Adopt-A-School Initiative, our education team has been able to work with getting nearly 200 chapters across the country to officially establish partnerships with elementary, middle, and high schools.
  • Since the development of our national education theme “Men of Sigma Promoting Literacy,” our Education Team has assisted chapters with the implementation of our Sigma Read-In initiatives where brothers and chapters visit schools reading to the students and encouraging them to read daily to develop their reading skills. We have over 350 chapters across the country currently implementing Sigma Read-In.
  • This office facilitated and assisted the adopting of a school by the chapters on the island of the Bahamas.
  • This office also coordinated the opening of our Phi Beta Sigma Vocational Technical School in Ghana, West Africa.
  • Moreover, we have developed and implemented an education social media campaign that has allowed for the highlighting and recognition of brothers and chapters who are excelling in the field of education.
The examples and initiatives cited were demonstrated that with collaboration and the true spirit of brotherhood and a common goal, great and measurable programs can be achieved.

I am confident as International 1st Vice President, I can continue to facilitate strengthening relationships among the brotherhood, grow membership, and expand the use of technology and social media to provide updated membership information and progressive activities, projects, and events.